8 de June de 2018

The new Iberian organ will deploy its wings

Inauguration concert of the new Iberian organ of Grandvillars, by Jean-Charles Ablitzer

On Sunday, June 10, we will attend the inauguration and blessing of the organ of the church of San Martín de Grandvillars (Belfort), France.

The project was carried out from our Tordesillas workshop in collaboration with Christine Vetter (Moncayo de Tarazona organs) and recreating the Spanish organs of the end of 18th century.

The furniture, inspired by the end of the Renaissance is one of the central aspects of this work.
The organ of the Ville de Grandvillars is in the course of a journey of remarkable instruments.

Inauguration of the Iberian pipe organ

10 of June of 2018  |  17h00h

Concert by Jean-Charles ABLITZER

Concert program

Saint-Martin Church of Grandvillars

11, rue de Greffe
Grandvillars, Francia

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Organize:  ACORG

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