5 de April de 2024

Are you a professional organ builder?

Join Our Future Project

Our workshop has been in operation for 40 years in the historic town of Tordesillas, and we want it to continue for at least another forty.

It is essential to preserve and pass on the accumulated experience to strengthen the professional network so necessary in Spain for the conservation of our historical heritage and its enrichment with new instruments.

For this, we need professionals who want to be part of our future project and ensure generational succession while incorporating new experiences.

Our workshop pays special attention to the use of traditional techniques and craftsmanship. We are a small team of specialists always seeking the principles that have guided organ building throughout history, while also taking advantage of the resources offered by new technologies as long as they do not compromise the spirit of the work.

We propose that you join this project, sharing our experience and contributing your own.

The Team

We have a team of seven to ten people and work using artisanal methods in all stages of organ building and restoration, from design to the finishing of the instrument, including all ornamental aspects and the making of all parts.

What we offer

We offer a position for professional organ builders with experience in various aspects of organ restoration and construction, working closely with our team.

The future perspective includes highly interesting projects both in terms of heritage preservation and the construction of new organs.

One of the most important tasks will be training the younger team members to maintain the quality and capacity to tackle any project over time.

You will always have the support of the current management and various external partners.

Our approach is very open and adaptable to different profiles, as long as they fit the main objectives of our workshop.

Tordesillas (Valladolid)
Tordesillas, (Valladolid)

The Location

Tordesillas is a small town located on the route between Valladolid and Salamanca that offers a setting with a world-class organ, monumental and cultural heritage.

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