Clarín Opus I


(IM, 8, 8)

  • Organbuilder workshop Joaquín Lois Cabello, 2010

Clarín Opus I was a totally different experience for us in terms of our professional career. It was the first time that we built an organ that hadn’t been commissioned, but that originated as an initiative to offer an instrument with specific characteristics.

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In many little Castilian villages, we can find organs like the one in Marugán, which have keyboards worn out by thousands of years of music. We believe that music should be played with similar instruments.

Clarín Opus I


Opus I Window valves detail
Opus I The action detail
Clarín Opus I In Erlangen (Nürnberg)
Facultad orgánica Francisco Correa de Arauxo
Clarín Opus I In Musikmesse - Messe Frankfurt
Clarín Opus I In Musikmesse - Messe Frankfurt

Technical details

The aim is to offer a pure Baroque Spanish organ, suitable for research and teaching and, at the same time, show our knowledge of Iberian organs. That is the reason why we have chosen a model very representative of this style, which belongs to a tradicional school in Castile. Its size allows its location in different spaces, and it has all of the characteristic features of this model.


Left Hand

Right Hand

Flautado Violón
Flautado de 6 ½ *
Lleno III
Címbala III

Bajoncilllo  *

Timbales en Re y en La

1 3/5’
1 1/3’


Flautado de 13 *
Flautado Violón
Quincena y Decinovena
Lleno III
Címbala III
Corneta VI

Clarín *

2’+1 1/3’




* On the front facade



11 de June de 2018

Interview about the new Iberian organ of Grandvillars

Interviews with Christine Vetter and Joaquín Lois during the last adjustments before the inagural concert

C’est votre tour – A remarkable organ in Grandvillars, in the territory of Belfort

An organ inspired by the Renaissance, made in Spain, is now installed in the church of Granvillars, in Belfort, France.

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21 de May de 2013

Clarín Opus I A spanish baroque organ Joaquín Lois organbuilder workshop

Tiento de 2 Tono
Sobre la letania de la Virgen
by Pablo Bruna por Filip Presseisen


19 de August de 2013

Organero | Juan de Ines y Ortega

La información biográfica del organero Juan De Inés y Ortega no es muy abundante, pero sabemos que era natural y vecino de Marugán, nacido en 1720. Hijo del tambien organero, Francisco Ortega

órgano de Marugan | Organero Juan de Inés y Ortega