8 de October de 2014

Clarín Opus I Organat Aarhus cathedral (Denmark)

The Spanish Baroque organ
will be installed at Aarhus Cathedral during
the academic year at the service of
the Royal Academy of Music of this city.

At the request of the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus, the Spanish organ built by our workshop has been installed at Aarhus Cathedral of St. Clemens. It will be used during the academic year of the aforementioned institution with a programming integrated within the musical activities of the cathedral. It has been installed in the south wing of the transept of this magnificent Gothic cathedral where it will share its musical space with an organ by Lambert Daniel Kastens (1730) with 88 registers and another Neo-baroque organ in the choir built in 1970 by Bruno Christensen & Sønner, with 23 registers.