30 April, 2016

What is
the Clarin Proyect?

Las Claves de nuestro proyecto de
Órgano Barroco Castellano

Un órgano de estilo barroco Castellano. Un proyecto del taller de organeria de Joaquín Lois

The Clarín Project is the proposal of our workshop to offer instruments suitable to the study and interpretation of the iberian organ music, thinking of those spheres where this discipline could be developed but there are no instruments of this style, and for which we present our knowledge of the technical and aesthetical features of the spanish 18th century organs. More info

How has the Clarín Proyect developed?

After the building of the project’s Opus 1, it was exhibited in several forums, and, due to requests, it has been arranged a lending system of the instrument, accessible to academic institutions, churches, festivals, exhibitions or any other cultural event.como funciona el proyecto clarín

How to apply?

Please contact our workshop at joaquinlois@proyectoclarín.com and we will be glad to send you specific information.



Puede recorrer los lugares donde ha sido expuesto y las actividades en él realizadas. www.joaquinlois.com/blog/proyectoclarin